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Want To Learn About Gemstones? This Guide Will Tell You All You Need To Know

Want To Learn About Gemstones? This Guide Will Tell You All You Need To Know

We hope this comprehensive guide to gemstones will help you select the perfect necklace, ring, earring set or bracelet for your special occasion. We're here to help.

Capturing the essence of the ocean, aquamarine, derived from the Latin words "aqua marina," meaning sea water, boasts a captivating array of blues within the beryl family. Alongside its kin like emerald and morganite, aquamarine stands out with its remarkable hues. Originating from the renowned Santa Maria mines in Brazil, these gems, reminiscent of the deep sea, have found new homes in places like Mozambique, now termed Santa Maria Africana. Lauren K sources exquisite aquamarines from both Brazil and Africa, including the coveted Santa Maria gemstones. Associated with the Pisces zodiac sign and serving as the birthstone for March, these watery treasures are steeped in mythical lore, symbolizing hope and the enchantment of mermaids.

Unrivaled in their brilliance and allure, diamonds reign supreme as the most renowned gems globally. Composed of carbon crystals arranged in a pristine lattice, diamonds boast unparalleled brilliance. While they rank as the hardest gemstones, diamonds still require careful handling to preserve their pristine beauty. Lauren K upholds stringent quality standards, opting for G-H color and S1 clarity, ensuring each diamond meets the pinnacle of excellence. Embracing both traditional brilliance and unique character, Lauren K occasionally incorporates "Salt & Pepper" diamonds, featuring visible carbon characteristics, adding a distinctive earthy charm to their designs. Associated with the fiery spirit of Aries and serving as April's birthstone, diamonds symbolize strength and invincibility, adorning the crowns and scepters of monarchs throughout history.

Radiating with vibrant green hues, emeralds, the illustrious members of the beryl family, are sourced primarily from Zambia and Colombia. Lauren K meticulously selects emeralds boasting vivid green hues and minimal inclusions, embracing the distinctive "emerald garden" effect that lends each gem its unique identity. For centuries, emeralds have been treasured for their wisdom and intuition, making them the cherished birthstone for May and a symbol of luxury for the Taurus zodiac sign.

Hailing from its distinct mineral family, garnets showcase a rich tapestry of colors, ranging from deep reds to vivid oranges and rare blues. Lauren K celebrates the captivating hues of garnets, from the fiery orange spessartite to the lush green tsavorite, each gem exuding its unique allure. Mined from far-flung locales like the Ural Mountains to the Tsavo region of Kenya, garnets symbolize balance and serenity, serving as the birthstone for January and an emblem of energy equilibrium.

Emanating enchanting hues reminiscent of the cosmos, black opals emerge as the crown jewels of the opal family, originating exclusively from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Lauren K embraces the mesmerizing brilliance of black opals, renowned for their kaleidoscopic play of colors and stunning depth. Serving as October's birthstone and associated with the zodiac sign of Libra, opals are revered for their mystical charm, believed to bestow luck and encapsulate the full spectrum of the rainbow.

Boasting a distinctive verdant hue, peridot emerges as a rare gem born from the Earth's mantle, symbolizing inner radiance and protective energies. Associated with August's birthstone and the Leo zodiac sign, peridot is revered for its vibrant beauty and ancient origins, sourced from locales like Burma, Brazil, and Pakistan.

Unveiling a captivating display of adularescence, rainbow moonstones emanate a mystical glow, sourced responsibly from Madagascar. Serving as June's birthstone, moonstone symbolizes captured moonlight and serves as a protector of travelers, resonating with ancient folklore and celestial wonder.

Transcending into the realm of fiery passion, rubies, the crimson counterparts of sapphires, captivate with their intense hues and unparalleled brilliance. Adorning the crowns of monarchs and serving as July's birthstone, rubies symbolize energy and creativity, boasting a rich legacy steeped in royal allure.

Embodied in a kaleidoscope of colors, sapphires, like rubies, hail from the corundum mineral family, boasting durability and brilliance. From vibrant blues to radiant pinks, sapphires offer a spectrum of hues, symbolizing wisdom and creativity. Associated with September's birthstone and the Virgo zodiac sign, sapphires have adorned the jewelry boxes of royalty throughout history.

Unveiling celestial wonders within their depths, star sapphires captivate with their mesmerizing asterism, symbolizing rare phenomena and cosmic allure. Boasting a myriad of hues, from azure blues to vibrant reds, star sapphires emanate a celestial glow, adding a touch of magic to Lauren K's collections.

Emerging as the hidden gem of the corundum family, spinel dazzles with its vibrant hues, often mistaken for rubies due to their fiery red tones. Sourced from locales like Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, spinel symbolizes longevity and endurance, embodying the resilience of the human spirit.

Named after its exclusive Tanzanian origins, tanzanite captivates with its rich blue-violet hues, believed to facilitate communication and self-knowledge. Associated with December's birthstone, tanzanite embodies the enchantment of the cosmos, resonating with celestial energies and inner wisdom.

Celebrating the full spectrum of nature's palette, tourmalines enchant with their diverse hues, from forest greens to fiery pinks. Sourced from Brazil to Madagascar, tourmalines symbolize calmness and meditation, offering a harmonious balance of energy and tranquility.
Echoing the azure skies and verdant landscapes, turquoise emerges as a timeless symbol of luck and serenity. Sourced from the Sleeping Beauty and Kingsman mines in Arizona, turquoise embodies the spirit of December, resonating with ancient cultures and sacred traditions.
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