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Inheriting Family Jewels with Lauren Kessler

Inheriting Family Jewels with Lauren Kessler

To say that Lauren inherited the family jewels is an understatement. She is the fourth generation to run the prestigious N. Zaidens Co., a leader in the fine jewelry arena for over 100 years. During her college years Lauren began working alongside her grandfather learning not only the mechanics, but also the artistry of fine jewelry. She continued her interest in the company during law school and soon after graduation realized that the family business was not only in her blood, but also in her heart.

Lauren began working under her grandfather full time, and after his retirement, took over as President. After only two short years, she indelibly carved her niche in the family tree by launching the Lauren K Collection. Her inspiration for the line was not from a particular stone or setting, but instead, the women she wanted to reach with her designs – women who want feminine, beautiful jewelry that they can buy for themselves and wear everyday like their favorite perfume. Unlike other lines, the Lauren K collection is not made for a jewelry box; it is designed to complement a woman’s lifestyle. The collection premiered in 1997 and was immediately well received. Lauren is committed to evolving the line while keeping in mind the ever-changing lives of the women who bring her designs to life.  To that end, new pieces are constantly being made, and the collection continuously expanding.

Lauren takes inspiration from the natural beauty around her-whether through travels or something that just catches her eye on a walk around the city. She is a proud supporter of many charities, and sits on the board of The Kellner Pediatric Liver Foundation, a charity that is near and dear to her heart.




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